Slaughterhouse Slough The Colouring Book

Published on by Eric Dyck.


IT IS A REAL THING! I am happy to announce that Slaughterhouse Slough: The Colouring Book is here!

Artwork by myself and some of my favourite Southern Alberta artists are featured in this Lethbridgey (totally a word) colouring book! Twenty pages of 9" x 12" drawings are waiting for your colourful contributions.  Artwork pages are single-sided with a perforated edge  for easy removal (as requested by the colouring fanatics in my life). 

For everyone who pre-ordered in the Slough Shop, the book will be shipped to you just as soon as I have them in my hands!

Featuring artwork by: Eric Dyck, Beth Porter, Carson Morton, Halli Lilburn, Lauren Crazy Bull, Leila Armstrong, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Sandra Manyfeathers, & Stacey Bru.